Ashawo Girls in Nigeria

The meaning of “ashawo” in Nigeria is defined as a slang term used to describe a female sex worker. Ashawo can also be called a prostitute, hoe, sex girl, sex lady, porn girl, home wrecker, or slut. It is a Nigerian word, specifically from the Yoruba language, and it signifies someone who engages in sexual activities for money or other benefits. The term “ashawo” is commonly used to refer to individuals involved in the sex trade or those who have multiple sexual partners.

Ashawo Nigeria

Reasons Why Women in Nigeria Engage in Ashawo Work

In Nigeria, like in other places, people may choose to do Ashawo work due to a mix of factors related to their economic situation. Let us understand these factors to find solutions and help address the underlying causes of Ashawo work.

1. Poverty:

 In Nigeria, the main factor influencing Ashawo labor is frequent poverty. Sexy women who are experiencing severe financial hardships and are unable to secure steady employment may be drawn to Ashawo labor as a means of surviving and supporting their family. People may find themselves in challenging circumstances where they believe that sex work is their sole means of subsistence due to the harsh realities of poverty.

2. Lack of Education

Another factor contributing to the increase in sex work in Nigeria, particularly among women, is a lack of education. People with inadequate access to education have less opportunities to obtain employment across several industries. They may lack the knowledge or abilities to seek alternative sources of money, which leaves them more vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Without education, people could end up in situations where they feel pressured or forced to work in sex.

3. Limited Employment Opportunities

Another factor that may encourage people to participate in sex work is the lack of legitimate employment opportunities, particularly in urban areas. For those who are unable to obtain employment in other areas of the economy, prostitution is frequently one of their only options.

4. Gender Inequality

Another significant underlying issue that contributes to the prevalence of sex work in Nigeria is gender inequality. Women are more likely to turn to sex work as a method of survival since they are often negatively impacted by poverty, illiteracy, and a lack of job opportunities.

5. Stigma and Discrimination

The socioeconomic circumstances that encourage people to participate in the sex industry can also be influenced by the stigma and discrimination surrounding the industry. Because they are frequently excluded and subjected to social exclusion, Ashawo/sex workers find it challenging to obtain support services and locate other sources of income.

Ashawo girls

Other services offered by Ashawo?

In Nigeria, “Ashawo” girls, or sex workers, may offer a range of services beyond just sex in Nigeria. These services can vary depending on the individual and the specific context, but they may include:

  1. Companionship: Some clients might hook up with Ashawo girls for emotional support, company, or conversation.
  2. Escort Services: Nigerian escort services, such as accompanying clients to events, dinners, or other social gatherings, may be provided by some sex workers.
  3. Massage: As part of their services, some prostitutes may provide erotic massages with happy endings.
  4. Erotic dance and strip tease: Some prostitutes might offer their clients erotic dance or strip tease services.
  5. Live Sex Chat: The majority of these sex workers converse with their clients via live Sex chat.
  6. Fantasy Role-Playing: Depending on the tastes of their clients, sex workers could play out fantasy role-playing scenarios.
  7. Fetishes: Some sex workers may offer customized services catered to the needs of their clients who have particular fetishes or kinks.

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Top 6 Highest Ashawo Cities In Nigeria

Below are the top 6 regions with the highest number of Ashawo/Olosho in Nigeria:

  • 1. Abuja

  • Abuja, the capital city, is widely known for being a popular location with a significant presence of Ashawo girls, particularly those of a higher class. The abundance of wealthy Nigerians, including politicians, in the region may contribute to this phenomenon.
  • Some well-known Ashawo joints in Abuja can be found in Abuja, including Abuja Central Area, Ashawo joints in Asokoro, FCT, Gwarinpa, Kubwa, Lifecamp, Lugbe, Maitama, Wuse, Zone 6, and more.
  • Ashawo in nigeria
  • 2. Edo State

  • Another region in Nigeria that has a high number of Ashawo girls is the Edo State.
  • Benin City is widely recognized for its prevalence of both male and female prostitution. Some popular locations in Edo where Ashawo can be found include areas within Benin City such as Golden Tulip Essential Hotel, Randekhi Royal Hotel, Precious Palm Royal Hotel, Green Hotel, Mission Road Ugbague, Jokers NightClub, Heritage Hotel and Garden, and more.
  • 3. Enugu

  • Enugu, is another Nigerian city that has a significant presence of Runs girls. If you have visited Enugu before, you would likely agree that the rate of Ashawo activity in the city is increasing at an overwhelming rate.
  • These Ashawo sex workers can be found in various locations throughout the city, including bars, hotels, clubs, and other establishments. Some popular spots where they can be found include Treasure Point, New Haven Roundabout, One Nigeria Joint, Saloon Hotel, 3D Suites Hotels, Cossy Hotels, Otigba Junction, Tuscana Club, and more.
  • 4. Lagos

  • Lagos City, the largest city in Nigeria, tops the list with a significant presence of Ashawo girls.
  • These sex workers can be found in various locations throughout the city, including bars, hotels, clubs, and other establishments. Some popular spots known for their presence include Mayson Hotel, Chanel 5 in Egbeda,Lekki, Mainland,  Ikorodu, Isaac John Street in Ikeja, Ipaja, Ajah, Rita Lori Hotel in Surulere, Victoria island, Lagos island, Peka Publ road in Ikeja, Alimosho, and the Ashawo Complex on Ojo road, among others.
  • 5. Oyo

  • Oyo State is an inland state in southwestern Nigeria. Its capital is Ibadan, the third most populous city in the country, which has hundreds of Ashawo girls.
  • 6. Rivers State

  • Rivers State, a state in the Niger Delta region of southern Nigeria (Old Eastern Region), is another region full of Ashawos and run girls.
  • The popular Ashawo joint in Rivers State is Port Harcourt.


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