Nairaland Forum


What is Nairaland?

Nairaland is a Nigerian forum for trending, recent and new topics in the country.  Nairaland was created in 2005 by Seun Osewa and has been a very active forum since then,  attracting more than 3,000,000 registered members and more than 7,500,000 topics.

Topics Covered by Nairaland

Tops covered by the forum can be grouped into three categories:

1. General:

The general Naira land category include  Politics, Crime, Romance, Jobs/Vacancies, careers, Business, Investment, NYSC, Education, Autos, Car Talk, Properties, Health, Travel, Family, Culture, Religion, Food, Diaries, Nairaland Ads, Pets, and agriculture.

2. Entertainment:

The Nairaland entertainment category includes jokes, etc, TV/Movies, Music/Radio, Celebrities, Fashion, Events, Sports, Gaming, Forum Games, and literature.

3. Science/Technology:

The science and technology category of Nairaland comprises programming, webmasters, computers, phones, art, graphics, and video, as well as the technology market.

How Become Nairaland Forum Member

Becoming part of the Naira Land Forum community is very simple. All you need to do is just to register as a member using the following link: Register On Nairaland


Why you need to be part of the Naira Land Forum?

Being a member of the great Nairaland forum enables you to enjoy a number of advantages, as  below:

  1. You will get updated on all the trending news and topics in Nigeria.
  2. You can easily engage in meaningful conversation with other forum members.
  3. You can pause technical questions and get accurate answers from other forum members.
  4. You can place targeted ads on Nairaland to boost the online presence of your business among the large community. Learn how to place targeted ads on Nairaland.
  5. With the huge number of topics covered, you  will learn and explore all the new ideas and things that you did not know.

nairaland forumThe People you can meet on the Naira land Forum

Joining the Nairaland forum will make you lucky to meet a wide range of people whom you can hook up with for fun and pleasure.

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